Goodbye CVs. Let's play games instead!

In today's digital age, why is the hiring process still so difficult and time-consuming?
Why are we still using CVs?
Surely there is a better, FAIRER and faster way to assess ALL applicants.
A 6-step science- backed process you can trust, with a +85% prediction success validity
No more wasted time, reducing costs and increasing productivity
An unbiased method that accesses a diverse pool of talent.

Something new

Powered by AI. Backed by Science. Driven by Diversity & Inclusion.


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Something that fundamentally rethinks the hiring process

How PropL works

Assessment of all candidates through real-life games and simulations designed specifically for the role and company

Select the role

Define your industry, function and role you are  looking to hire

Choose simulation / game

Choose from our suggestion of games and modify based on your needs

Receive detailed feedback

Send to all candidates and receive feedback on the best matches

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